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Colorado winters often mean fierce storms that can cause damage. Hail damage and roofing problems often go hand in hand and homeowners can run into all types of problems getting repairs. This is where a reliable contractor in Windsor Colorado can be your best bet.

Scams by storm trackers

One of the things that most consumers never consider when they suffer hail damage is the crooked contractors who are standing by ready to take advantage of them. The typical modul operandi of these contractors goes something like this:

  1. They track the weather and head to an area hit by a storm
  2. They quickly estimate how much hail damage and roofing costsScam Awareness
  3. They approach a homeowner and offer to do the repairs quickly and “cost effectively”
  4. They convince the homeowner to sign off on the work and agree to a contract quickly
  5. They cash your check and vanish into the night
  6. Your roof is a disaster in five years

The problem with this scenario

Let’s face it, the last thing you need to do is replace your roof ever five years. Chances are with Colorado winters, your roof is going to take a beating anyway. If the roof is repaired with sub-par materials, your roof will need new repairs or replacement. Keep in mind, when you are having your roof repaired after hail damage, the roofing contractor should be looking at any underlying structural problems and addressing them as well. Failure to do this means your roof simply will not be fully repaired.

Protect yourself from storm chasers

First it is important to know that not ever roofing contractor is a storm tracker or chaser. However, there are a sufficient number of these types of roofing contractors in Windsor Colorado that you need to know what to do to avoid getting taken for a ride.

  • Always ask for licensing – it makes sense no matter what kind of work you are having done to request a copy of the contractor’s license.
  • Know the laws – in 2012, the Colorado legislature passed a new law stating that roofing contractors cannot cash any payments prior to delivery of materials and substantial work being completed.
  • Get it in writing – not only are Colorado roofing contractors required, by law, to provide a written contract, it is simply a great way to protect yourself.

Evaluating your roofing contractor

There are a number of things you should do to evaluate a roofing contractor before you sign a contract and pay a dime to have hail damage to your roof repaired. Some are common sense and some may require some advance work on your part.

  • Hire locally – your best defense against getting scammed is to make sure you know that a hail damage and roofing contractor Windsor Colorado will be your best hireRoofing Hail Damage
  • License and insurance – in addition to requesting a copy of your contractor’s license, you should also verify they carry the proper amount of insurance
  • Request references – a hail damage and roofing contractor Windsor Colorado should be willing to provide you with names and contact information for satisfied customers
  • Review your contract carefully – once you receive a written estimate and contract from your roofing contractor in Windsor Colorado it is necessary to review all the documents carefully

Why Majestic Roofing

When you are in need of service and need someone to repair hail damage and roofing contractor Windsor Colorado consider Majestic Roofing. We are determined to provide you with the highest level of quality service. Here is what we offer:

  • Locally owned and operated – we are a family-owned and operated local company
  • Provide written estimates – you can count on us for a complete detailed estimate and contract
  • Highest Better Business Bureau Rating – we are proud of our A+ rating from the Colorado Better Business Bureau
  • Communication – your project will be handled by a Personal Roofing Consultant whom you will be in direct contact with. You’ll also receive an emergency phone number in the event you are unable to reach the contractor

Never worry about your roofing repairs again. Since 1977 we’ve been committed to providing excellent service in Windsor Colorado.