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Hail Damage and Roofing Contractor Greeley Colorado

If you’ve ever been in a Colorado hailstorm, you know how quickly bad weather can arrive, and how helpless you are when it starts coming down. A bad hailstorm can destroy everything exposed to it, from your car to your roof. At least you can pull your car into the garage. Your roof, on the other hand, has nowhere to hide.

Hail can destroy a roof in a very short amount of time. Even if the hail is small in size, it only takes a few minutes for it to permanently damage your shingles and leave your home exposed to the elements. The damage may not look bad, but only the combination of your insurance adjuster and an experienced roofing company can tell you just how bad it actually is.

How can you tell the extent of hail damage?

hailYour shingles are made up of several parts, each of which does a specific job to keep your home dry. The asphalt under layer of your shingle seals your roof against elements, while the granular layer on the surface protects the asphalt layer underneath from sunlight. UV rays from the sun can do significant damage to the asphalt over time, causing it to become brittle and eventually fail.

When hail comes beating down, it hammers into the granular surface of your shingles, causing it to fall off and exposing the asphalt to the sun. This is why hail damage voids shingle manufacturer warranties – you may have started off with a 20-year roof guarantee, but the hail just eliminated it. Your roof will age faster and fail long before it should have.

This is why insurance companies will often decide to go with a whole new roof. It is more cost effective in the long run to replace your shingles than to chase down repair after repair as shingles fail at random, depending on the level of damage done in the hailstorm.

Why are roofing solicitors at my door immediately following a storm?

Storm chasers, as they are called, are looking for homeowners unfamiliar with roofing. It may feel like they show up before the hail stopsStorm Chasersfalling – with flyers and pamphlets offering amazing deals for a new roof in record time.

The problem with these companies is that most are either new to the business, or have shoddy reputations so they must go chasing business. The Colorado Roofing Association advises homeowners to avoid signing any paperwork with these groups. Most of the time such paperwork is a contract, and often you will wind up with a 20% penalty for cancelling it.

Quality roofing companies are likely to be busy right after a storm, a good sign for potential customers. As long as your roof is not currently leaking, you have time to search for the right roofing company for you. Compare estimates, talk it over with your insurance company and decide on a company that you believe will do the best work.

Get it all on paper

A good roofing company will give you an itemized estimate for your repairs. Estimates are always flexible, but a skilled roofer will have a fairly accurate idea of what materials will be needed and how much labor will be required to conduct repairs. They should be able to put the estimate down on paper where you can compare it to any other estimates you get, and make an informed decision.

Cheaper is not always better

Storm chasers may offer deceptively cheap services, but your roof is not something you want to cut corners on. It protects your family, your home and all you have in it. A quality roofing company will give you the best value for your money – the most important consideration when choosing a roofer. It may not be the cheapest offer you get, but it is much more likely to last the 20 years you need it to.

Majestic Roofing has been helping Greeley residents repair their roofs since 1977, and we have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating to prove it. We know how important your home is, and we want to help you protect it. Our roofing services are second to none, and we encourage all of our customers to do what is best for their home.

If your roof has hail damage, please contact our office today so we can schedule a free estimate. We can help you understand the current state of your roof, and help you figure out exactly what is needed to repair it. You won’t be disappointed.